Car-registration – I offer an all-round Service to register your vehicle in Spain!

Vehicle Registration of EU vehicles​

Holiday home or live permanently on Majorca then its necessary to register the car here on Spanish plates.

Vehicle Registration on Historic plates

Is your car over 30 years and still a classic - then you can register it on a Historic plate.

Temporary plates in 3-5 days

Did you already deregister your car in your country or bring over a brand new car. temporary plates are the solution.

Organization to take your vehicle to the MOT inspection or Service

We apply for an appointment and can accompany you or organize to take your car to the inspection.

Online Services


You can apply for deregistering your vehicle online, and sign all the forms electronically.

Duplicates of lost or stolen vehicle documentation ​

We apply for a new registration document, very quickly, with our online signature form.

Local road tax payment and traffic fines ​

We help you remember due dates for tax payments and payments of tax and traffic fines.​

Change of ownership

Did you buy a car? we help you transfer it to your name, quick and easy, with our online signature form.