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If you bring your vehicle to Mallorca for using it here, it is recommended to register it on Spanish plates.

According to EU Law, if the owner relocates his permanent residence to another registration district or country, he is obliged to register the vehicle there.

Furthermore, if you are not living permanently in Spain but any of the following situations apply you must also register your vehicle here: 

-The car is more than 3 months at a stretch in Spain (see also FZV §13, 3)

-The driver is in Spain for more than 183 days a year (cumulative, non-contiguous)

-The driver’s “center of life” is in Spain (children go to school in Spain, one has a company in Spain, you are registered for tax purposes, etc.)

In these cases, the driver will be considered resident in Spain! Residents and everyone who spends more than 183 days a year in Spain are obliged to register the vehicle from foreign to Spanish plates. The registration must be started within 30 days after you have de-registered yourself in your country. If you are not registered as a resident but do work here – the same rules apply.

Everyone who has a holiday home or only spend their holidays here (short stays) are generally not obliged to register their vehicle.

In these cases, the owner is the only one allowed to drive the vehicle and all documents such as insurance papers and M.O.T. inspections must be in order from the country the vehicle comes from.

A car registration on Mallorca is much more complicated than in other EU-countries and takes about 3-6 weeks.

First, I verify that you have all the necessary documents needed and talk you through the process. Furthermore, I verify certain details of the car to see if the specifications of the vehicle match the ones legal in Spain.

The vehicle must pass the inspection at the Spanish ITV (M.O.T. authority that issues 1st part of the Spanish registration papers Ficha Tecnica.

We make an appointment after your wish. You can accompany me to the inspection or leave it totally to me.

Once obtained the Ficha Técnica, the car must be registered at the local municipality and the road tax and Registration tax must be paid before applying for the 2nd part of the Spanish registration papers, Permiso de Circulación, at Tráfico. After that the final thing to do is buy the number plates and importantly get insurance cover for the new Spanish registered vehicle.

The rates for a car registration including our service start at 650, – Euros. Includes all fees at the different authorities: Tráfico, number plates, Consell de Mallorca, ITV, Issuing form 576 Registration tax). However, it can get more expensive if you are not exempt from the registration tax.

The registration tax is based on the Co2.

                  Rate 1    until 120g/km                                      0% Tax

                  Rate 2    from120g/km until 160g/km             4,75% Tax

                  Rate 3    from 160g/km until 200g/km            9,75% Tax

                  Rate 4    More than 200g/km                           16% Tax

If your vehicle is from before 1998, you will pay 12% in registration tax.

If your vehicle is build after 1998, but you don’t know how much the CO2 consumption is, you automatically must pay 16% tax.

The registration tax is always based on the age of the vehicle. The Tax office has an official list BOE, where you can calculate the tax, based on the value of the vehicle and its CO2 exhaust.

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